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Join us for the brand story marketing bootcamp, give us two days - we will give you an identity that connects and a strategy that turns strangers into raving fans.


Learn the communications formula and digital marketing strategy that attracts leads and helps them become customers.

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The Engage workshop accomplishes in one day what would have taken us months. The content was useful, the delivery was engaging and we now have a roadmap to follow to create our sales funnel. I highly recommend this investment in your business.
— Darcy Ann Flanders, President, Baseline Group NY, New York City

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The fact is: you are not getting the sales you deserve

This is especially the case if you are good at what you do. It is one of the greatest ironies: the better you are at something the harder engaging your market around what you do is.

But there is nothing wrong with your product.

The problem is that you were taught to communicate the wrong way. You have great credentials, experience and capabilities so you lead with these.

The problem is nobody cares.

We all think that people want to hear how great we are at what we do. But in fact you must create an emotional connection before you can talk about credentials and what you do. You must pique their interest before you can talk about what you do.

This sound like a pain, but the truth is creating a human connection is much easier than you may think.

Humans have been honing our ability to communicate and create these connections for millennia and we have a script for creating content that connects: the story.

Get your story right - go from having to tell people what you do to them asking for more.

People will want to get to know you.

They will want to work with you.


We want you to become a silver tongued marketing maven that can easily bring customers into your world.

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I took Engage’s 2-Day Engage Workshop in NYC with my business partner. I learned so much about business, advertising and marketing. Jeff’s workshop gives you a process and the tools to be more effective in your communications. Working with Jeff has transformed my business
— David Vogel, CEO, VSP

The Engage Brand Story is a brand story, on steroids.

It isn’t a story about you, it is a story about your customer. It is a story about how they transform because they meet you.

It is so powerful that it is like you are giving your prospects a drug that will make them want to do business with you.

Then, once you get your story straight we kick it up into high gear.

The story is great, but the next step is to get your marketing process right.

HOW and WHEN you tell the story is as important as the story itself.

If you want that bump in sales you will need to turn lots of strangers into leads, leads into clients and clients into advocates and fans. Since 97% of sales transactions start online we teach you the digital strategies that engage prospects and bring them into your world.

As a digital marketer certified partner we provide you with not just the tools, not only the ideas, but also training on the core digital marketing disciplines including:

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • And more.

In just two days you learn the most powerful communications strategy known to man and the modern digital strategy to deliver your message and help strangers become clients.


Some of the world’s most powerful marketers rely on this training and these strategies.

The lessons and results are supported with tens of millions of dollars in investment, millions of web pages and billions of sent emails.


Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?
Join us for our next workshop.

You will walk away with:

  • A new definition of your brand and brand story.

  • Alignment of your your sales & business development team around a shared story.

  • Clarity around how to create magnetic messaging that attracts clients.

  • An understanding of how to engage your prospects create a relationship and turn cold contacts into raving fans.

  • A new and powerful marketing strategy you can apply right away.

  • Training that will get you to the next level of your business.

What’s included?

  • A two-day workshop with 5-10 fellow business owners.

  • Work through your roadblocks with immediate feedback in the workshop.

  • Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day.

  • Our workbook to help you continue your EngageStory approach.

  • Online training on the core disciplines of digital marketing provided directly from DigitalMarketer.come.

What is this worth to you?

We can’t promise results, you must implement the strategies to get the impact, but here are some of the results we have seen:

  • One client quadrupled her sales.

  • A coach reduced the cost of his business development sessions by 90% while increasing conversions from 0 to 5-6 at a time.

  • A social media icon, transformed into a marketing rockstar and went from 0 clients to 3 in one networking meeting.

If you could double your business, or even put your business on the map, what would that be worth to you? $50,000? $25,000?

What you get from the workshop

  • Two day workshop that transforms your marketing world, worth $5,000

  • Tools, tactics and templates worth $2,500

  • Access to Digital Marketers award wining training worth: $2,900

  • A follow up coaching session to ensure you get answers to your questions and can apply the material to your marketing worth: $450

We could charge at least


for this workshop.

But right now we are charging just


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More Details About What We Cover In Our Signature Program

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+ Module 1: Why clear communications matter

Objective: set the stage and show why good communications are so powerful and connect so effectively.

Key Points:

1.1. The importance of communication in sales and marketing.

1.2. How clarity reduces effort in sales.

1.3. The three biggest mistakes everybody makes

1.4. The three rules of communications for sales and marketing

+ Module 2: The power of story

Objective: Explore stories and inspire with the power of the story structure, you will be able to recognize and use story structures to communicate effectively.

Key Points:

2.1. What IS a story?

2.2. Why stories connect.

2.3. How stories are structured.

2.4. How marketers use stories, examples from big campaigns.

+ Module 3: Define their world

Objective: put yourself in your customers position, get to know them, what is going on in their world and define the void that you fill.

Key Points:

3.1. Their world is separate from your world.

3.2. Who are they: specify your customer.

3.3. Dig into the problem you solve for them.

3.4. Explore why they can’t solve this problem themselves.

+ Module 4: Define your world

Objective: explain what you do to solve your customers problem – you have connected with them on the challenge they face, now they want to know how you will make their life better.

Key Points:

4.1. Your role as the mentor.

4.2. How to express yourself as the mentor.

4.3. Your solution or “signature program”.

+ Module 5: The call to action

Objective: create the distinction between sales and nurturing, establish the importance of calling prospects to action and explain how to word a call to action.

Key Points:

5.1. The importance of a well-structured call to action.

5.2. Why sales and marketing is like dating and marriage.

5.3. Craft a calls to action that engage.

+ Module 6: Define their transformation

Objective: explore what customers really buy and how to create an emotional connection to the benefit of what you are offering.

Key Points:

6.1. What is at stake?

6.2. The transformation narrative / what customers really buy.

6.3. Why reward is just not enough.

+ Module 7: Craft your story

Objective: Tie the content you have created up to this point together into an Engagestory that will connect with your market.

Key Points:

7.1. Create your first EngageStory

7.2. Define where the EngageStory fits in your marketing.

+ Module 8: The Customer Value Journey

Objective: map your customer's journey from stranger to client and then to raving fan.

Key Points:

8.1. Define what the journey is.

8.2. Map your value journey.

8.3. Identify how you will raise awareness.

+ Module 9: Content marketing

Objective: Plan content for your engagement and subscribe stages.

Key Points:

8.1. Content design.

8.2. Create your lead magnet.

8.3. Practice writing.

+ Module 10: Website and e-mail queue

Objective: learn how to structure your website and implement the email machine that engages customers all the time.

Key Points:

8.1. Most powerful website designs.

8.2. Design your e-mail queues.

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