The Engage Brand Story Workshop

Learn to shape your brand and create engaging content that will inspire your prospects and grow your business.

The Engage workshop accomplishes in one day what would have taken us months. The content was useful, the delivery was engaging and we now have a roadmap to follow to create our sales funnel. I highly recommend this investment in your business.
— Darcy Ann Flanders, President, Baseline Group NY, New York City

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You Are Not Getting The Sales You Deserve

This is especially the case if you are good at what you do. It is one of the greatest ironies: the better you are at something the harder engaging your market around what you do is.

The problem is that you were taught to communicate the wrong way. You have great credentials, experience and capabilities so you talk about these.

But nobody cares.

We all think that people want to hear how great we are at what we do. But in fact you must create an emotional connection before you can talk about credentials and what you do. You must pique their interest before you can talk about what you do.

This sound like a pain, but the truth is it is much easier than you think.

Humans have been honing our ability to communicate and create these connections for millennia and we have a script for creating content that connects: the story.


What Is the Engage
Brand Story?

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Fixing that means that your life becomes easier.

Selling becomes easier.

Growing your business becomes easier.

You get more sales for less.

How we do this is with our EngageStory methodology. The EngageStory is brand story, but better. It is a powerful tool for large and small businesses, helping you build a brand and connect with your audience.

Learning EngageStory is like learning how to administer a powerful drug to your target audience that will make them like you and want to do business with you.

It is really that simple.

In the EngageStory workshop we use elements from storytelling – the most engaging communication technique humans have ever devised – to craft your brand, your marketing and sales strategy.

Successful businesses grow because they are consistent: in the quality of their services and how they communicate with their prospects and clients. Your EngageStory is the core of your growth strategy. It informs your marketing and sales tactics (not the other way around): from your e-blast campaigns to your website and your business development initiatives.

Your EngageStory gives you the clarity and consistency you need to grow your revenue.


Interested in the Workshop?

Our Next Workshop Is
September 10-11

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You will walk away with:

  • Knowing how to define your brand and your EngageStory.

  • Understanding how to align your sales & business development team around a shared value proposition.

  • Understanding how to create magnetic messaging that attracts clients..

  • Learning how to engage your prospects (instead of repelling them) and close more sales.

  • Understanding why previous sales efforts did not work out.

  • A new and powerful marketing strategy you can apply right away.

What’s included?

  • A two-day workshop with 5-10 fellow business owners.

  • Work through your roadblocks with immediate feedback in the workshop.

  • Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day.

  • Our workbook to help you continue your EngageStory approach.

  • Follow up and templates including 3 hours of personal coaching.

What We Cover In Our Signature Program

We are extending this workshop to 2 days - the second day will cover putting your story to work through creating your marketing strategy, website and other communications… more information coming soon.

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+ Module 1: Why clear communications matter

Objective: set the stage and show why good communications are so powerful and connect so effectively.

Key Points:

1.1. The importance of communication in sales and marketing.

1.2. How clarity reduces effort in sales.

1.3. The three biggest mistakes everybody makes

1.4. The three rules of communications for sales and marketing

+ Module 2: The power of story

Objective: Explore stories and inspire with the power of the story structure, you will be able to recognize and use story structures to communicate effectively.

Key Points:

2.1. What IS a story?

2.2. Why stories connect.

2.3. How stories are structured.

2.4. How marketers use stories, examples from big campaigns.

+ Module 3: Define their world

Objective: put yourself in your customers position, get to know them, what is going on in their world and define the void that you fill.

Key Points:

3.1. Their world is separate from your world.

3.2. Who are they: specify your customer.

3.3. Dig into the problem you solve for them.

3.4. Explore why they can’t solve this problem themselves.

+ Module 4: Define your world

Objective: explain what you do to solve your customers problem – you have connected with them on the challenge they face, now they want to know how you will make their life better.

Key Points:

4.1. Your role as the mentor.

4.2. How to express yourself as the mentor.

4.3. Your solution or “signature program”.

+ Module 5: The call to action

Objective: create the distinction between sales and nurturing, establish the importance of calling prospects to action and explain how to word a call to action.

Key Points:

5.1. The importance of a well-structured call to action.

5.2. Why sales and marketing is like dating and marriage.

5.3. Craft a calls to action that engage.

+ Module 6: Define their transformation

Objective: explore what customers really buy and how to create an emotional connection to the benefit of what you are offering.

Key Points:

6.1. What is at stake?

6.2. The transformation narrative / what customers really buy.

6.3. Why reward is just not enough.

+ Module 7: Craft your story

Objective: Tie the content you have created up to this point together into an Engagestory that will connect with your market.

Key Points:

7.1. Create your first EngageStory

7.2. Define where the EngageStory fits in your marketing.

+ Module 8: The customer journey and your funnel

Objective: map your customer's journey from stranger to customer.

Key Points:

8.1. Get to know the journey and the funnel.

8.2. Map out the process and your customer journey.

8.3. Create your introduction and first steps.

+ Module 9: Copywriting

Objective: practice copywriting and develop the conent that will go on your web page.

Key Points:

8.1. Structure and content of a sales letter.

8.2. Write your lead magnet manifesto.

8.3. Practice writing.

+ Module 10: Website and e-mail queue

Objective: apply your design and copy to a website design - figure out what changes you need to make and implement an e-mail queue to follow up.

Key Points:

8.1. Most powerful website designs.

8.2. Design your e-mail queues.

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