Your prospects are selling themselves are you helping Them? (Video)

Two key numbers 57 and 97 are behind Digital Marketing

57 is the percentage of the sales journey that your clients, customers, consumers are completing before they talk to a salesperson.

Let this sink in for a second. They've already completed more than half of their decision or more than half of their journey to buy or not buy before they've talked to you or your salesperson (Gartner).

97 is the percentage of transactions that start online, even though only 6% are completed online (Google).

So if you sell professional services, accounting or legal or any other service, anything really, 97% of the people are checking you out online and completing 57% of the sales journey before they even talk to you, before they even engage with you.

Test this for yourself

If you're hiring a roofer to come roof your house or to change the roof on your house, you almost certainly check them out online first.

No matter whom you are hiring you almost assuredly talk to references first or referrals or LinkedIn or something.

You connected with them online, checked them out and you did some weeding out before they reached out to you for a conversation.

Even if your customers are calling you up from a referral and they're saying, "I'm ready to talk," that 57% is handled by the referrals, handled by somebody else outside of your control talking about you.

So there's a whole body of marketing, of communication, that is happening that you have no control over. Or better said, you do have control over it, the question is, are you controlling it?

Are you working on it?

To manage this effectively you must be systemic.

You should have a very complete, comprehensive, structured digital marketing strategy that is going to engage people and help them convert from strangers into buyers.

The system will help people make referrals more effectively, more efficiently, and it's going to engage with your clients over time.

This is how you can control or influence that 57% and be present for that 97% so that you can drive more clients to your business more predictably over time.

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Sales and MarketingJeff Loehr