What Trump, the WWE, and Cinderella all do that you should do to

Did you know that Trump, the WWE, and Cinderella connect with their audiences in exactly the same way?

Check out this article from the New York Post: “Trump took a page out of the WWE’s playbook.” It is a great article that tells the first half of the story.

The premise is that the stories Trump weaves into narratives that dominate the minds of, well, everybody, are very similar to the narratives that the WWE uses to engage their audience.

Which is very accurate, but also incomplete.

The WWE did not come up with this way of communicating. They use the same structure that you find in any fairy tale, which is just like any good movie you have ever seen or engaging book you have read.

The rise and fall, antihero WWE narrative of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin might as well have been written by the brothers Grimm. Fans may be watching the WWE, but they are seeing Cinderella unfold.

All of the essential elements are there: characters, villains, transformation, heroes, downfall, and redemption. Whether you are Trump the WWE or Cinderella, these are all present in such a way that we can’t help but want to learn more.

They are all stories

They all follow the same basic script. This script is so familiar that you can see it everywhere. It exists in our communication today just as it has in for thousands of years.

And this is why it is the most powerful marketing communications tool that exists.

People remember facts 22 times more effectively when delivered in a story rather than given as a list of facts.

Daniel Siegel, professor of Psychiatry at UCLA puts it this way:

”Telling and being moved to action by (stories) is in our DNA.”

His research shows that the story is a part of who we are as human beings.

Therefore, when you use story to craft your marketing message people are drawn to you magnetically.

You appeal to something inside them,

Done right, your messaging goes from another voice in the crowd to standing out, getting heard, and making sales.

And story is critical to predictive sales

The story is a common thread in all elements of marketing for predictable sales. It clarifies your value, establishes your relevance, and explains “why you” as a guide. It is also the first step towards a defined marketing process.

And the structure is very simple;

There is a character with something missing in their life. Something stands in the way of this character being complete. So a mentor appears, with tools that seem like magic, calls the character to action and encourages them to take a journey of transformation.

In marketing,

  • the character is your prospect, your audience.

  • you are the mentor, and

  • your solution appears like magic to them because they don’t know how to do it.

You define a journey for them to go from incomplete to a hero and from a cold contact to a raving fan.

The simplicity of it is why we can get so much done in a two day workshop as one of our clients put it: “This would have taken us months to do on our own.” By structuring your marketing around a story narrative you are able to define your brand in hours rather than months.

And the right narrative is the difference between messaging that connects, that starts a conversation, and encourages action and messaging that interests no one.

Story is how Apple, Dos Equis, and Nike create such strong brands.

And it is why Trump, the WWE, and Cinderella have such a lasting hold on our imagination.

Are you ready to create your story?

Jeff Loehr