The 5 Step Secret Strategy That Turns More Website Visitors into Loyal Customers & Clients… Consistently & Reliably.

Here's the Hard Truth

Your website today is probably losing you a TON of sales.

According to the latest research*, more than 96% of website visitors leave without taking ANY action on the site. Even worse, you've only got between 0.05 to 8 seconds* to either CAPTURE or LOSE your visitor's attention on your website's homepage.

And if you lose it, they leave. (And unfortunately, probably skip directly to your competitor's website.)

And this matters because today 97% of all transactions start online.

This is true for ALL transactions. Doesn't matter if you sell business to business or directly to consumers. You may close the sale in person, but the sales process almost always starts online (Google Research).

Think for a moment. When was the last time you hired a contractor or bought a product from someone whose website you didn't have a peek at first?

Even more shocking is the latest studies from Gartner show that 57% of the sales process happens before the prospect ever even talks to you.

That means your expensive website is either

  1. consistently generating leads, or is

  2. consistently turning your visitors off and sending them directly to your competition.

Ok, so what can you do about it?

There is a little-known but easy to understand 5 Step Secret Strategy that virtually guarantees your website turns more visitors into loyal customers even if it never has before.

This is the exact same strategy used by some of the largest and fastest-growing companies in history like Uber, the Economist, and Irontribe Fitness - just to name a few.

Multiple startups have followed this strategy to double their sales in under 90 days - owner Russell Brunson used this exact same strategy to become the first startup in history to hit 100,000,000 in sales in just 3 years without a dime of venture capital money.

And on Thursday, October 17 we'll share this step-by-step strategy in a live workshop

For free.

All we ask is that you show up, listen, ask questions,

And then, please.


Go back to your office and implement this strategy so you can start getting results, Immediately.

So why would we share this closely guarded 5 step strategy?

We are on a mission, along with our 435 of our other partners at Digital Marketer, to double the sales of 10,000 small businesses in the next 3 years.

And because you've read this far, we know you're serious about growing your business.

See, we believe that people who are the most serious about getting results should win over the ones that aren't. Don't you?

So, we'd like to invite you to attend this unique workshop.

The journey starts at:

6:30 PM

Thursday, October 17 at

KOI Coworking,

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Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in this workshop:

Learn the real reason why more of your website visitors don't turn into leads and sales

Discover the secret way to follow up with your website visitors-EVEN if you don't have their contact information

See the future of customer attraction - It's not what you think

Leverage this three-word formula to magically get more customers to buy your higher priced products & services.

Discover what never to do on your website-and why (If you get this wrong, your visitors will bounce, and you'll never hear from them again.)

Learn the truth about high priced website design. (This one will shock you.)

Optimize every aspect of your sales process. ( Including the ones 99% of businesses miss) so you can sell more customers, more often, for more money

Discover profits that lie hidden in your business.

Laugh at cash flow worries- simply follow this simple, proven plan (Used By Uber, The Economist, & IronTribe Fitness)

... and, as I'm sure you can imagine, a lot more…

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Jeff Loehr