Make Great Things Happen With Fourth Wall

When you bring people together for a shared experience great things can happen.  Done right, you align and inspire people while driving change.  

Done wrong and you end up with confusion, annoyance and potential job losses. 

Fourth Wall Events does it right and they deliver phenomenal results. 

The company puts on great events and they are passionate about having a meaningful impact through their work. 

When we first met Jeff Guberman and Carvie Gillikin, the partners who have led Fourth Wall Events to success, their passion and dedication were clear.  Their clients were happy, and their staff was top notch. 

The challenge was that their messaging, their website, communications, and pitches, didn’t reflect the passion and the difference they brought to the market. 

The reason was simple: they were talking too much about themselves.  Their pitch focused on past successes and the capabilities they could bring: their creativity, their organizational skills, the quality team they would put on any project. 

We introduced them to our model to help hone their communications strategy.  We spent a day with them, going through their story and highlighting the key points.  They realized that the benefit they brought to their customers wasn’t that they deliver great events but rather that those events created experiences that inspired and aligned people. 

As they put it, when you change the environment, you change the results. 

A relatively small investment in making a meeting, conference or celebration an engaging experience will make that event much more impactful.

They also realized that when clients hired them, they put themselves on the line.  

Event planners must deliver on a quality event promise yet don’t have the resources they used to have to do this.  The fact that they can rely on Fourth Wall Events to deliver on time and on budget, isn’t just about being on time and on budget, it is about their personal career success. 

As a result, they have refined their BrandStory and adjusted their marketing.  They have moved from focusing on their product and towards telling a great story. 

Fourthwall doesn't just put on great events, they make great things happen for anybody planning a meeting or an event who wants to deliver exceptional results.

When their clients see this they can't help but start planning their next great event... 


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