The Simple Truth About Business To Business Marketing - People Buy, not businesses

To define your business to business target market start by recognizing that you are not marketing to businesses. Companies don't buy anything, people buy. So, your product or services solves a problem for somebody. Know what that problem is and market to that person. This thinking can be a shift for most people, but it is a powerful way to market your business and define your marketing target. 

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Seven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The truth is that there is no single action that you can take to drive traffic.  Instead, value comes from consistent action, taken over time that creates meaningful answers to the questions that people have.  Create great content, and the traffic will come.

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Jeff Loehr
Seven concrete marketing failures and how to fix them

Why does marketing so often not work? The short answer is that marketing requires consistent action over time that is customer focused and structured to bring you sales. If you are missing the structure the customer focus or the consistency your marketing will be a waste of time and money. We’ve found seven key areas to focus on - get these right and your marketing will drive sales.

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