Double Your Sales Discovery Session

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The Double Your Sales Discovery Session is a 90 minute workshop in which we cover:

  • The three challenges that are holding your sales back and how to break out of them.

  • The eight phases of the customer journey, where your strengths lie and where to focus.

  • The Growth Triad and how implementing it leads to a predictable sales program.

  • What your customer value journey currently looks like and how it can be improved.

  • Specific actions you can take now to start improving the predictability of your sales.

Ultimately my goal is to give you a formula and a framework for
predictable growth and put you on a 90 day  path to doubling your sales. 

If you are interested, book a time to talk… we’ll talk about whether this is the right fit for you and if so set up a time for me to come to your office and work with your team.

There is no cost to you and there is NO obligation.

Though I do hope that you get so much value you can’t help but hire me to do more work. But value first…

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