The Next Bootcamp Starts January 14

Angel investing with the Westchester Angels is about community, supporting entrepreneurs and… making some money in the process.

You have achieved success in your career and probably learned a thing or two in the process. You know a thing or two about business. Now you’d like to build on your success with other like minded business people. You might want to give back and help others build their business and you’d like to be a part of something.

That is why the Westchester Angels exists. We meet 5-6 times a year, we have a great group of people, we have a bit of fun and we invest in very early stage companies. We find companies that need money and guidance to get started, we help them with both and we own a piece of the future we help to build.

We have a good time and we are serious about making money.

The challenge: Angel investing is risky, it helps to know what you are doing.

Most companies looking for angel funding fail. So how do we improve our odds? Through diligence, effort and education.

The first step to making Angel investing work for you is to learn how Angel investing works. We have partnered with 37Angels to bring you the Angel Investor bootcamp which will take you through:

  • The nitty gritty of Angel investing - what it is, what the risks are, where the opportunities lie.

  • How to conduct due diligence.

  • The key questions to ask.

  • What to look for in a team, a business and an investment.

  • Types of investments and how to negotiate terms.

Basically this bootcamp covers the stuff that we learned through failed investments and years of trial and error that have collectively cost us tens of thousands of dollars.

The Bootcamp will turn you into a confident, capable angel investor.

And rather than cost you tens of thousands of dollars over a number of years, you can do it for $2997 in a few weeks. AND you get a one year membership in the Westchester Angels - where you can meet, evaluate and potentially invest in new startups.

This curriculum was developed by Angela Lee, Associate Dean at Columbia business school and honed by reviewing thousands of applications. The modules that we cover are:


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